The tongue exercise

This mid-morning, we noticed the Shihpoo mom’s reluctance to nurse the pups.

In the pen, she’s moving in circles  as the four puppies tried to approach her for milk. Their little canine teeth must have caused minor discomfort to her at breakfast.

The puppies weaning period started at the fourth week. Since the first day of the 4th week, they’ve been given 10 drops (per pup)  supplementary milk at breakfast and two bowls of milk during the afternoon.

It was fascinating to watch them feed. They curled up their little tongues to scoop milk from the bowl to their mouths. They’re sloppy at it as some liquid went all over their faces but still they look cute.

Today at lunch, they had porridge as introduction to semi-solid food. I was really amused as I watched them dived in with gusto. They sloppily lapped their meal and as expected, porridge was all over their snout, chin, and front legs.


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