Can I sniff you?

As the Philippines commemorates its 113nth Independence Day, Vanilla Bean  celebrates the start of her 5th week today.

Since it’s early and before breakfast, the pack was at their favorite area in the garden. I fetched Vanilla Bean from the puppies’ pen and made my way to the garden. I held the Shihpoo puppy with my left hand while the digital camera was on my right hand .

I found my two adult dogs, Princess and Keanna on top of the marble table at the garden. This table is the  pack’s favorite hangout because they could see anything or anyone passing near their territory. Moreover, they could see any activities on the streets such as passing vehicles, people, dogs or other animals.

As I approached the table, my attention was on Keanna’s body language; she looked calm and curious. She wiggled her body, stood on tip toe and wagged her tail. Her expressive but funny-looking ears (flopped right ear and erect left ear) indicated that she’s calm.  When I was just one pace away from the table, I noticed Keanna’s eyes were wide open, her mouth closed, her nose and forehead smooth. She conveyed to me her curiosity of the pup I was holding on my left hand.

So I allowed her to sniff  Vanilla Bean. Sniffing is their customary way of saying “hi”. Basically, dogs sniff each other out to assess new dogs or to re-acquaint themselves with old friends. I decided to limit the sniffing to the head and forepart… for now.

While the “checking out” occurred, mom Princess looked unconcerned; she seemed to have her attention on the activity on the streets. The puppy, too, remained relaxed as Keanna assessed her; I didn’t feel any tension from Vanilla Bean.

Then, I moved on towards Cassie’s direction; she sat on the green mono-block chair at the porch.

Keanna and Princess beat me to the porch, they got to Cassie before I did.

Cassie was on “checking-things-out mode”. As I and the puppy approached her, Cassie slightly lean her body forward and was alert (as her ears moved forward and twitched). Here’s a short video of what happened.

As owner of four dogs, it is vital for me to understand the canine pack mentality. I aimed for my pets to be well socialized and know their place in the pack.

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