Video: a mother’s touch

Vanilla Bean is the most outgoing puppy among her litter-mates. However, I’ve noticed that mom Princess nipped or picked out Vanilla Bean more often than her siblings. I’ve observed this before, dog-moms like Kenya, Cassie and Keanna picked on a certain puppy in their respective litters. It seemed that dog-moms give extra corrections  to puppies who are the most outgoing in the group.

Curious as ever, my 4-weeks old little pooch likes to lick or bite anything new that comes her way; as if her way of processing new things is through her mouth. I don’t know if she’s aware how sharp her little canine teeth are. Fortunately, mom-Princess is around to teach her how to control the force her bite.

In this video, Princess acts as a typical mother dog teaching her pup the “bite inhibition”, a skill every puppy needs to learn. I’ve read an article in about the mental and physical developments of puppies ages 1 to 7 weeks old. The article states that “As early as one week of age, puppies start learning socialization rules from their mother. Puppies that nurse too hard or are too rough with their siblings are met with soft growls and nips from their mother. Their mother’s constant grooming and nuzzling teaches puppies that touch is a social interaction. Siblings learn about rivalry and dominance while they are nursing and during playful wrestling matches.” 

At the end of the day, mother dog still knows best on how to prepare her pups to face the real world.


3 thoughts on “Video: a mother’s touch

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