Video: I’ll just chew on it.

"How do I look?"

Metal, leather or synthetic? That was the question in my mind as I stood before the doggy-essentials-isle at the mall the other day. It took me five minutes to weigh the pros and cons about the type of leash I needed to buy for my new dog.

Since there were few options to choose from, I purchased a synthetic leash because it is lightweight, easily washed, and cheap too. I didn’t opt for a chain leash for various reasons. First, we already have three chain leash. Second, I know it’ll be heavy on a small dog. Third, since I would be working indoors with my puppy, a chain leash often get stuck under our furniture. Last, it’ll be easier for puppy to adjust her behavior from on-leash to off-leash.

When I got home, I put the rainbow-colored synthetic leash on Vanilla Bean. Just as I anticipated, she started chewing on it. I’m aware that she’s curious on new things, especially ones that move. The temptation to chew is too strong to resist when its dangling near her face. This was what happened.

I’ll just hope that as she gets older, the leash wouldn’t distract her.

She struggled with me over this leash thing, yet Vanilla Bean hadn’t realized to play tug o’ war with me…for now.


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