On Strange Turf 2

made it to the 2nd floor

Her cute bewilderment amuses me as she landed her four paws on the second floor in our house. She finds herself a corner and then observes the new environment. I could almost hear her thoughts saying, “What’s happening here?…Am I safe here?…”

Does mom know where I am?

She’s a bit uneasy without mom around but her adventurous nature takes over.

girl, it's a long way down

Still, she moves with caution. She looks down the winding staircase and then moves away. Obviously, her eyes and brain are functioning well as she perceives depth and height.

smells familiar

I put her on top of the table where I used to put her mom. She immediately lowers her head and began investigating and sniffing. She may still be a puppy but her nose is better than mine.


Her sniffing continues for minutes. I don’t know what information she learns but I could only guess…

mom's been here!

Princess hasn’t been in the second floor for days… but I guess the little Shihpoo could identify her mom’s signature smell.

nice view!

After her nose exercise, I brought her to the window to witness the lovely view outside.

such a big world

Green trees, blue sky and movement on the streets are what she sees.

spiny green things

Next stop is the cacti garden. When I put her down, she starts exploring but she doesn’t go far from where I am standing. Vanilla Bean approaches the potted plants, takes a sniff and walks toward me.

The spiny green things could hurt me, couldn't they?

She’s on alert mode as she scans the surroundings. Her eyes and body looks normal, and her tail is up and wags slowly. Also, her head quickly turns from time to time to the various direction of sounds.

Okay. I'm done exploring here.

I guess she’s got a lot of stories tell her litter-mates about her day-out.

Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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