The sire is a therapy dog

Butchok, the straight-haired Shihpoo

This is Vanilla Bean’s daddy, a Shihpoo named Butchok. He’s a therapy dog like his owner Madeline who is a caregiver, and he goes with Madeline to her work providing affection and comfort to people. In some days though, he sneaks out from work and shows up at our gate.

His presence always cause a stir among the bitches of the pack, humans included. This friendly Shihpoo stands 11 inches tall; he has a cream-colored coat with light brown patches at the back, head and ears. Like his Shih-Tzu father, he has a sickle tail resting on his right side which he wags at strangers, familiar faces and fellow dogs. While most dogs like meat, this one likes veggies such as cooked carrots, potato and cabbages. Also, this pooch prefers a bowl of cold water straight from the fridge.

a calm demeanor of a therapy dog

As a good therapy dog, Butchok is always at ease around unfamiliar people in any situation. His gentle disposition is clear in the photo above taken by Jim Jun Arogante last March 2011. The dog willingly allows his new acquaintance to pat his furry head and tussle his hair; the Shihpoo even obliges to pose for the camera. He’s confident as well as gentle to any human who enjoys petting him. Hmmm…I guess human-mum Madeline did a good job on raising him well…

the future good canine citizen, just like dad

Our admiration for Butchok’s character led us to choose him as mate for our female Shihpoo. As expected, the pair of Shihpoos produce a litter cream-colored pups. Eventually, I pick the puppy from the litter who got his looks. Though the puppy hasn’t met her sire yet, I just hope that Vanilla Bean would also inherit her sire’s temperament. Or as the phrase from Lion King goes… “to follow on his paw-prints.”

Vanilla Bean's dad

In my opinion, cuteness overload plus outstanding temperament would make a dog valuable, even if he or she is a crossbreed.


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