Fanged and dangerous, but cute

In the seventh week of her puppy life, Vanilla Bean has daily play-fight lessons with mom Princess. I’ve observed the Shih-poo mom teaching her puppy about touch, bite force, aggressive and defensive moves and such.  And for weeks I’ve tried to get some snapshots of Vanilla Bean showing her canine puppy teeth…until late yesterday afternoon.

There was no fight or any aggressive behavior going on as I, Princess and Vanilla relaxed in the garden after our late afternoon walk. We were at the marble table — the dogs were enjoying the scenery while I was busy taking photos of them. I was able to photograph Vanilla Bean in her mid-yawn; she flashed her  razor-sharp little teeth (presently, about 0.5 cm) and those cute fangs (about less than a centimeter long) as she stretched her tongue to gasped some air. Here’s the details:


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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