Vocalizing frustrations and the aftermath

I woke up this morning not to the sound of music but to the varying pitch of forlorn cries courtesy of Vanilla Bean. Her high-pitch howls and whimper seemed amplified for her blues could be heard upstairs. This is the sample of her plea taken yesterday morning:

I was lost in translation for a moment because I thought she was feeling cold or hungry. That thought was immediately repelled because my mom informed me that the puppy was given a bowl of food and milk early in the morning. Baffled, I looked to Shih-Poo mom to find clues or answers for the puppy’s behavior. Princess met me at the door, she looked calm and relaxed as she greeted me. She  seemed unmindful of her pup’s predicament, and so were my other adult dogs. Since the pup’s crate is at the west side of the house, the dog-moms hid themselves from the puppy’s view and tuned out any sounds she made.

“How could they ignore her so,” I thought…but then again I trusted the pack’s inaction. Their body language seemed to reassure me that “there’s no need to rush to whelp’s crate for she’s fine, going there would only urge her to create more irritating noise.” So, I paid attention to them than succumbed to Vanilla Bean’s whining. Later this morning, I let her out of the crate; her furry furies became history and NO became the word of the day. These are the details:

I pondered on what happened and I realized that at her 7 weeks of puppy life, Vanilla Bean learned to whine with purpose. Presently, she I’ve learned that her sorrowful whimpering and whining would mean that she’s bored or she wanted some cuddle time or some play session. Ahh..canine intelligence…after all she has Poodle blood running through her veins.


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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