Bonding and belly rubs

love the touch

This morning,  I was having my cup of morning coffee at the living room when Keanna stayed behind. She didn’t went with Cassie and Princess to their den, and she even ignored her breakfast.

“She must be up to something,” I thought.

Keanna was at my feet; she looked at me and then lie down on her back. With fore-paws up and belly exposed, it’s unmistakable that she  “demanded” a belly rub. So, I naturally obliged because this pooch enjoys this sort of thing any time of the day. Also, I remembered that it’s been a while since her last belly massage–perhaps about 3 days ago.

more please

Anyway, I don’t know what’s going on in her canine mind but she looked relaxed and content during this interaction; she even wags her tail. I normally do this kind of bonding with my dogs for about a minute. Sometimes, Keanna gives me that more-please-look (like in the photo above) when she wants a prolonged belly massage. Whenever this happens, I stroke her belly with a little pressure and move my fingertips in circular motion from belly to chest and back to belly. I also give her paws a little squeeze. She would signal that it’s over when she starts to get up.

you're tickling me!

Sometimes I wonder if this belly rubbing act is an interpretation of enjoyment or submission, or both in my dog’s part. So, I often find myself reading my dog’s body language first before touching them. I often remember the words of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer  in Nat Geo Channel, that a dog is most content and at ease when in a calm and submissive state.


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