Play and roughhousing

please don't squish me

I’ve been bitten by an Asiatic dog when I was three years old. Though I didn’t even recall what happened or how painful that dog bite felt, I learned a very important lesson– dogs bite. They don’t do kung-fu or use guns or blade. They could simply inflict injury to anyone using their sharp teeth; those fangs could sever human flesh in seconds…I should know, a scar on my right knee is a reminder of that.

Safety first around canines is my concern ever since. So despite what they say of Poodle-mix breeds being great with kids, I don’t leave my nephews playing with my dogs, especially with the puppy Vanilla Bean. A puppy’s bite is more dangerous than an adult dog, so as the doctors’ say.

My 7 weeks old Shih-Poo puppy is now accustomed to our hustle and bustle around the house. Sometimes, she initiates the invitation to play. Other times, she just observes from her ‘safe nook’ while the kids, residents and visitors alike, are roughhousing.  In the top photo, Vanilla Bean obliged to pose like an upright teddy bear while Kenji, my 8-year old nephew, held her.

smeells like yummmy!

In the photo above, EJ was reclining on a divan with Vanilla Bean at his side. With all four paws in the air, she writhed and wiggled to have a comfortable position. Though she’s still young, she learned not to lie on her back with her belly exposed.

Still, I know Vanilla Bean has so much to learn about interaction with kids from my three adult dogs; Cassie, Keanna and Princess have high tolerance with noisy kids. Still, misunderstanding between kids and dogs could occur anytime. Recently, I’ve read an informative article about kid-proofing your dog and dog-proofing your kid in canismajor website. It gives excellent tips, too, on how to nurture the relationship of dogs and kids.

Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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