Vanilla Bean’s first “pedicure”

Giving  a non-stressful pedicure to the puppy Vanilla Bean is no easy task. The planning or preparation is as challenging as the actual nail-clipping activity. I’ve done this thing with my other dogs before except Princess. Yet, I could say that it’s not “a walk in the park”.

Weeks before, I’ve often touched her legs  and gave her each paw a quick massage daily. That way, she’ll be accustomed to me holding her paws and regard it as a non-threatening  act.

pre-nail trim paw massage

Next,  I have to condition her mind and body to relax in front of a nail clipper by letting her sniff and even lick the tool.

Guillotine-style dog nail clipper

 Third, I give her lots of pat at her back and head… then using my left hand, I hold one paw gently and using my right hand, I position the guillotine nail clipper in one of the claws. As the blade of the clipper cut through the first nail, Vanilla Bean made a sudden movement and whimpered. I gave her some pat again and repeat the procedure. The nail-clipping was over within five minutes. I’ve managed to trim three claws and then I stopped.

Me, Vanilla Bean and the nail clipper

Last, after some more pats and praise, I set her down and give her a treat (a tidbit of meat, of course!). Seeing her walk around and playing with her “ducky” indicates that she’s okay.


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