Sick or just begs for more attention?

cover crop leaf

How often have I heard the adage “Prevention is better than cure” ?… a hundred times perhaps. With my adult pet dogs, I’ve noticed that they immediately act and do something about it when they feel sick. They often look and eat a particular grass growing among the bed of daisies at the garden. If none is available, they go for the cover crops clinging on our fence as an alternative. The result is instant vomiting.

My 8 weeks old puppy played with her toys when she stopped and began to throw up a foamy saliva — twice.  I suspected that she nibbled something that she’s not supposed to. I’m not worried though, Vanilla Bean is curious of the things around her and her way of exploring novel things is through her mouth…ahhh the price of curiosity. For the meantime, I gave her some cover crop leaves to chew on and she’s under observation…so it means no play-dates yet.

sick puppy???


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