A blast with the sqweakies

Vanilla Bean has fully recovered from yesterday’s throw-up. I guess she couldn’t stand the thought of her brother Poochi getting more of the tussle-and-cuddle while she’s confined to her quarters. As a proof that she’s back on her feet,  she play-wrestles with her sibling energetically.

Poochi a.k.a Spike

 So as a treat, I give her some of the soft rubber chew toys.

lemme hav it

One is Pere,  a one-toothed crying baby doll that lets out a high pitch sound when pressed.


Second is a Kermit-look-alike green frog.

Kermit look-alike

Third and last is a dalmatian rubber chewy.

squeaky dalmatian

I squeeze the toys first to get the puppies attention. As the litter-mates orient on the sqweeek sqweek noise, I let them have a go with the toys. Both puppies happily sink their little teeth on the chewies as they listen to the ‘protest’ of their seemingly prey (arrgh…irritating to human ears!). Well, I guess Vanilla Bean likes the green frog and leaves the dalmatian toy to the custody of Poochi. Both puppies pounce on the toy Pere.

definitely in 'play mode'

In addition, I give my cute pooch a scoop of vanilla-base ice cream with some crushed Choco cookies. It’s officially her first taste of  Cookies n’ cream

we luv Selecta

…which she licked and consumed with delight…


I knew it…Vanilla Bean likes the vanilla taste…what a day.


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