Shake it Princess, shake it

Since I belong to the minority of  gals who don’t own a hairdryer,  I often rely on sunny weather and fresh towels to take the water out from my dogs’ fur… However,  my effort to  dry them up is insufficient … and the wet dog shake is definitely inevitable.

My dog Princess is a “sight” every time she exhibits a full body wiggle … on top of the marble table at the garden. Each time she does that, the image of  Tina Turner flashes in my mind…weird, but true. Anyway, my Shih-Poo does a H2T (HEAD-TO-TOE) motion repeatedly to expel water from her hair. She even scrubs her head on the table’s smooth surface…that I really couldn’t figure out why. Here’s the snapshots of the Shih-Poo shake:


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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