I should’ve called her Princess Mischief

My Shih-Poo Princess is the most mischievous dog that ever lived under this roof.

She may look angelic with her cream-colored coat but she’s definitely naughty… I should  have called her Princess Mischief or Spree or Shenanigan or Monkeyshines… Is it the Poodle blood running through her veins? I wonder…

According to owners of Poodles, these pets are known for their sense of humor, which often turns into mischief when bored!  Tsk…tsk..

Well, today is a rainy day… which means exploring outside the garden is not an option. Cassie and Keanna settle down on their favorite chair at the porch while Vanilla Bean happily munches a bone at her crate. Princess, however, has antic on her mind.

First, she manages to let herself inside the house and dramatically wet the floor… in front of me!

Second, she bolts out of the gate. She didn’t even mind the slight downpour.

Ah freedom! … that must have gone through her mind as she ran like crazy along the wet street.

When I catch up with her, she’s filthy and smells like a wet dog… ugh.

Last, she gives me her signature hug, standing on hind paws while her forepaws clasp my left leg, before she has her dinner… sweet.


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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