Wet, wet, wet morning

July 28 — Even if we’re at the outskirts of Tropical Storm Juaning, we still have a drizzling morning. It’s been like this for days; the sky cried from time to time and the gloomy clouds seemed stuck up there unable to drift.

drizzling again

Rainy days make me sad … but when I’m around these feisty girls, dark clouds seemed to dissipate fast. Just look at these faces…

Keanna, Cassie, Princess

uh – oh…What’s that on the floor?… 

popo and wiwi on the floor

Somebody tell me something and fast … or else…

Keanna: it wasn't me... honest... i wet the daisies...ask Princess.

Princess: i's wet wid Keanna at the daisies

I did the roll call and the tussle. Keanna and Princess were off the hook; they obviously relieved themselves at the garden for their coats were slightly damp when I tussled their furs. Cassie, however, was dry and she sheepishly stared up at me with her brown apologetic eyes… She knew a reprimand follows the roll call with THAT tone…

Cassie: t'was meh... i wet much and poop jus a lil...better the floor than my feet got soiled...

She showed me her guilty face. Well, what to do … this pet is a neat freak or the equivalent. Unlike Keanna and Princess, Cassie don’t like to tread on muddy or wet grounds; she likes to keep her paws neat and clean. I need to review on housebreaking pets again…

Cassie: sorry... wud ja' clean it up... pls..


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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