Happy Mutt’s Day

Happy Mutt's Day

July 31– To the person(s) who started and declared that this day belongs to the mutts, a big ruff, ruff of thanks to you. This day may mean nothing to some people but to those who have mutts for pets or are mutts themselves, I say : Party!…Party!

We're havin a steak-out

Gone are the days when the word mutt(s) arouse anger or negative reactions. Globalization helps a lot in changing people’s perspective on meztizos, hapas, hybrids, half-bloods, or crossbreeds. Nowadays, people go for personality rather than “label”. In fact here in my neighborhood and the rest of the Philippines, meztizo is synonymous to beautiful. Just switch on the tv or browse on magazines, Filipino-mix celebrities (such as Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Vanessa Minillo, Apl de Ap, Bruno Mars, etc.) appear on shows or prints.

With regards to pets, most four-legged mutts I’ve known or met are quite attractive; they could turn heads at a wag of their bushy tails [and most of them are Poos]. As for me, my mutts’ uniqueness and diversity are invaluable. Also, the love and loyalty they give to me make them irreplaceable.

So go on, mutts and mutt-owners alike…enjoy this day with any activity you could think of. Happy Mutt’s Day…
I heart Mutts


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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