Treat: Selecta ice cream

We had ice cream for dessert at lunch yesterday.  It’s a Selecta Take Two Creation — you get two flavors of ice cream in a single tub. It’s not the usual ‘Cookies and Cream/ Double Dutch’ combo for it’s not available at the convenient store, but a Selecta ‘Coffee Almond Cookies and Very Rocky Road’ combo. I’ve scooped both flavors into a cup and tasted them simultaneously.

I’m a chocoholic and I could say that the ‘Very Rocky Road’ is chocolatey and creamy enough. I definitely love its texture; the nuts, chocolate chips and marsh mallows are just right (not too little and not too much). I’ve also noticed that the marsh mallows they put in there are somewhat bigger than in Nestle or Magnolia.

I’m not a fan of coffee-flavored ice creams but I’ll make an exception for the ‘Coffee Almond Cookies’. As I put scoops of it in my cup, I really smelled coffee. When it melted in my mouth, I’ve tasted  a perfect blend of brewed coffee — neither too sweet nor too dark. The chunks of almonds in it are so crunchy and okay but not the cookies. Let me clarify, I liked chunks of chocolate cookies in my ice cream but I don’t like choco-cookie crumbs mixed into the ice cream base. Somehow, those crumbs slightly blurred the coffee taste.

Anyway, I still think that it’s a delightful experience eating a Selecta ice cream. Meanwhile, my furry pet Vanilla Bean kept giving me her doleful look. So I obliged to give her just a spoonful of the ‘Coffee Almond Cookies’ as a treat for amusing me (but just this once.) Here’s what happened next:


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