Wordless Wednesday: Revisiting RCMS

August 6 — I took my dog Princess for a stroll at RCMS (Rufo dela Cruz Memorial School) last Saturday afternoon. My nephew Kenji, who is now a second grader in this school, acted as our tour guide. I felt my pet’s excitement as she saw the school ground, the several kids hanging around, the old buildings and trees.

My alma mater got its name from the first mayor of Tubod, the late Rufo Dela Cruz. This institution holds a special place in my family’s history because most of my relatives were once teachers and pupils here. My grandfather Cirilo R. Vergeire taught Arithmetic while he was the Head Master in 1932 to 1968. In fact, he was the second Principal of this school. My grandmother Cecilia (grade three teacher), Aunt Visitacion (grade six teacher) and my mom Perla (H.E. teacher) were also part of the faculty here several years ago.


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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