Revisiting RCMS2

I was resting on my favorite divan watching NCIS re-runs on Fox when Princess the Shih-Poo gave me this look — a but-you-promised-me face. Okay, so I did promised her for a second “exploration with no leash attached” at the RCMS school grounds last weekend. It made me think, dog don’t forget, do they?

By late afternoon around five o’clock, we (I, my 2nd grader nephew Kenji, and Princess the Shih-Poo) move on foot at the school grounds. I was a Sunday afternoon, yet we noticed that some of the teachers were around busy on improving their respective rooms. Princess behave well unleashed, sniffing here and there.

Princess got to the old H.E. building which was now the school’s clinic. The ‘3Rs for Garbage Reduction‘ sign is really informative. Also, I noticed the old Talisay tree (Terminalia catappa) still stood there. It is also known as Indian Almond; various ferns, mostly Bird’s Nest ferns, benefit from its shade.

Kenji invited us to go near the flag pole. No Philippine flag flying at the end of the pole. Still this old platform is a nice spot to take photos. I’ve enjoyed my years grade-school here, and apparently seeing my pet’s expression, she enjoyed romping here too.




Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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