The budding ‘Hairy Houdini’

I’ve received a newsletter from Dr. Jon entitled How smart is your puppy? The gist I got from the article is this: that a pup’s ability to learn and respond depends on proper stimulation given early in life. Okay, so I may have underestimated the intelligence of my 3 month-old furry pet…

I always explain to my acquaintances and friends that Vanilla Bean owns the shortest hair among the litter-mates but she is the smartest. She receives a daily double-dose of nips from mom Princess, and human interaction as early as 3 days old. She knows how to deceive me on purpose, and play pranks with other family members. In addition, she’s aware that no matter what she does, we love her.

Vanilla Bean has tried to emulate my dog Keanna (an escape artist in her own right) for the past days. Whoever goes near her witnesses a prelude like this — an excited puppy jumping up and down her crate. Then, she tries to pull an escape stunt — she puts on her cute face and then starts to show-off her climbing prowess…(See the photos.) Presently, she’s unable to complete the “prisonbreak” routine because she hasn’t figure it all out…yet. If she ever get out of her crate successfully, I’ll know Keanna has something to do with it.

Anyway, I found a helpful article  The Canine Escape Artist explaining why dogs escape.These are the reasons: social isolation/frustration, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, and sexual roaming. This help sheet also gives recommendations on each reasons. Moreover, the article suggests that it is important for owners to find out the cause of this “Hairy Houdini” act to take effective preventive measures. Oh well…I guess I have to study and read more of this stuff…

Vanilla Bean: Houston, we have a problem... how do I get down from here?

Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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