At the vet’s clinic

August 20, LALA, LDN — We showed up at the JMC Veterinary Clinic 10 minutes before our appointment.  However, I received a text message from Dr. Jane apologizing that she would be late for she was on a house-call at another town. She also informed me that her schedule got screwed that day but she would met us at the clinic by 4:30 p.m. that afternoon.

Okay, so I guess we’ll just have to preoccupy ourselves while we wait for one and a half hour for her. So, we looked around the premises.  Princess and Vanilla Bean sniffed here and there … and we heard barks from small dogs at the crates and from a spotted gal… The Shih-Poos were eager to get near the dalmatian’s crate but I discouraged them to do so… We saw other crates with white rabbits, small dogs, birds, etc. from a distance.

dalmatian mama

Inside the clinic, we also skimmed the informative chart frames about responsible pet ownership and various types of canines in existence around the world. By 4 o clock p.m., the vet sent a message that she’s on the way to the clinic. Thank God, for it started to drizzle.

chart on dog pedigree

Dr. Jane greeted us with a warm smile. Then, she injected Vanilla Bean some vaccines against Leptospirosis; Canine distemper, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The vet praised the pooch for her good behavior and even give her a treat (much to the puppy’s delight). She then weighed the pets, and found out that Princess was around 5 kg (yay! she gained 1 kg) and Vanilla Bean around 3 kg. With regards to Princess’ shedding, she prescribed a multi-vitamins for her coat.

Chokie, Vanilla Bean's litter-mate

We were about to leave by 5 o’ clock p.m. when Chokie arrived for his appointment. We humans didn’t recognize him at first for he had more hair than a month before. Princess and Vanilla Bean, however, got excited for they knew his scent. They sniffed butts in greeting, and then moved on in play-fight for the next five minutes. Then, we had to say goodbye to him for it’s getting late..

vaccination certificate, still incomplete for now...


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