What da ruff ruff is that?

Yesterday evening, I found out that Keanna and Princess dislike the sound from an acoustic guitar. Both dogs enjoyed some cuddle-and-tussle from me; the three of us were bonding on my favorite divan. However, they stood up and barked at my nephew EJ when he began to strum his guitar.

For a moment, I thought they were into it but no — seeing their tense postures, bodies facing toward EJ, widen-eyes on the musical instrument, ears back pinned near their heads told me something else. I had to tell EJ to stop the what he’s doing for my pets were clearly irritated at the sound emanating from his guitar. I hope I wasn’t lost in translation for thinking that their barks mean stop strumming kid, we don’t like it, it’s annoyingly annoying, stop it or I’ll rip it apart, horrible tune, etc.

Anyway, I googled about barking and its causes. I found out that dogs have different responses to a variety of sound; some dogs are cool with it and even demand it, other canines could tolerate or ignore it, and some dogs simply spooked or get alarmed on hearing it (like in my pets’ case). In addition, I found this cool infographic on dog bark facts on the internet that might be useful.
Dog Bark Facts Infographic
Via: Dog The Blog

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