Morning scents and sensibilities

After a month of perseverance, Vanilla Bean successfully managed to execute her version of “prison break” last Monday…twice. I was having my morning coffee around 6:30 a.m. when something soft and wet rubbed my foot. As reflex, I jerked my foot up and looked down…and I saw my 3 month-old puppy’s amused face. She gave me the rest of her sloppy greeting when I picked her up.

“Thank God, she ran inside the house and not out of the gate,” I said to myself.

I gave her some cuddle-and-tussle, and then I deposited her back to her crate. As I disappeared from her line of her vision, she began to whimper for about a minute. Then, I heard scratching noises back there and I knew that the puppy started to climb from the enclosure’s chicken wire up to the top-opening. It took Vanilla Bean less than a minute to do her Hairy Houdini trick.

I don’t know exactly how communicate with her. So, I seek help from a dogvisor (dog supervisor) — Cassie the Mutt. She’s a balance dog and she’s good in dealing with feisty canines. I knew Cassie would show the little pooch how to behave in this Poodle-mix territory.

Sam and Ninya

Meanwhile, as the two dogs bonded at the garden, a pair of German Shepherds and their handlers stopped by for a little chat. They were on their way back home to Katrina Village (about a 20-minute walk from my house). While we’re chatting, I couldn’t resist to take some snapshots at Sam (handled by the Owner in blue chemise-de-chine) and Ninya (handled by a dog-walker in white T-shirt).


Anyway, my playful little Shih-Poo behaved well knowing that Cassie kept an eye on her through out the day. She didn’t even attempt to squiggle her way out of the gate for she knew Cassie would not hesitate to bite her if she put her paw out line.



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