At the vet’s clinic 2

Kenji, my 2nd grader nephew, begged to tag along to the vet’s clinic last Saturday. He sat silently during the 25-minute trip and tried to hide his excitement. I guess he anticipated to see something cute and furry… like these guys…

101_1694.jpg …a pair of Golden Retrievers and a Miniature Pinscher. Their crate was at the left end of the front yard; so when they saw us, they instinctively barked at us as soon as we entered  the gates. My pet Vanilla Bean excitedly yapped back at them.

When we got inside the building, my pooch’s excitement went up a notch; she clearly intended to sniff butts at the confined Spaniel and the melancholic Labrador. She lurched and tugged her leash but I restrained her from getting near the sick dogs. Dr. Jane smiled at my pooch’s vivacity as she gave her a shot of vaccine and checked her weight (3.3kg). [We had to distract her attention away from the dogs during this routine because she constantly writhed and wriggled her body.] The vet petted Vanilla Bean and declared that the pup’s in good health.

101_1693.jpgSo before we left the clinic, I allowed Vanilla Bean to say hi to the beautiful thoroughbreds at the front yard. The cage hindered the dogs to do their customary greeting  so missus Goldie had to get down to the floor and stick out her head for a whiff at my puppy.


101_1695.jpgAlso, Kenji got to pat mister Goldie…(I bet those brown fur were soft). Wow, this breed really is amiable to both strangers and friends.


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