DIY Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

I’m fully aware of the benefits of interactive dog toys to the development of my pets’ problem solving skills. Oftentimes, I found myself googling at the nice ‘intellectual toys’ for pooches over the internet…what to do? I live in a province where we have limited access to those kinds of stuff. So, the alternative is to improvise or recycle things at zero cost.

My Version of a Treat-Dispenser/ Dog Toy

First, I looked for a medium-sized globular plastic bottle but I found that only a cylindrical container was available. So, I took it, washed it inside out, and towel-dried it.
Second, I put marks sparingly at the container using a pen. Then, I punched those marks with a knife and created some small holes at the target area. I made sure that the holes were just right for a single dog treat to pass through.
Last, I put some dog treats inside the jar for this project’s trial test. (I give beef pro puppy as dog treats…for now.)

Oh look at that…I originally intended this for Vanilla Bean but this photo clearly indicates that Princess the Shih Poo enjoyed it as well.


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