Tick prevention on pets

Prevention is better than cure… I learned this the hard way with Kurtz, my German Shepherd mix pet in 1990’s who got infested with ticks and fleas. The pet soap and shampoo I used on him didn’t seem to work and so, he eventually died with a tick-borne disease called Ehrlichiosis.

In the past, people didn’t give priority on pets here in Lanao del Norte due to the scarcity of good vets in the area and the lack of information on pet health awareness. Cows, carabaos, horses, goats, pigs, and chickens often got most care and attention from the humans. Now, life seems better for some dogs, cats, or hamsters as the new generation of pet lovers in the province gains access on competent vets,  pet products and pet care information in the internet…like this video. (I found it via the newsletter from petplace.com)


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