In search of a tasty meat pie

Watching the Masterchef series on TV led to my pastry craving. I tried to suppress it but I knew I was in trouble when I began flipping the pages of the old cookbook again. Then before I knew it, I found myself pulling two nine-inch wide pineapple pies out of the oven. It just feels so good to sink my teeth into a homemade pastry dish once in a while (four times a month, that is).

My beef-loving puppy Vanilla Bean inspired me to put on meat fillings instead of fruit into my latest pie. I searched some meat-based pastry recipes and decided to make Alicia Reynold’s Meat Loaf Pie  (at This pastry dish has layers of whole corn kernel, ground beef, mashed potato, and cheddar cheese.

I did not totally follow this recipe as I made some tweaking on it. Also, I made the pie crust and mashed potato from scratch. To speed things up, I enlisted EJ’s help with the creamy mashed potatoes. My 6th grader nephew (EJ) also assembled the layers of filling into the baked pie crust.

After more than an hour, we tasted our first ever meat pie…Vanilla Bean gave her “appawval” of this dish by consuming a wedge in less than 30 seconds…We also got rave reviews from the humans.

NOTE: Meat loaf pie is best served when hot.

My version of the Meat Loaf Pie (filling: sweet corn, cooked ground beef, mashed potato, grated processed cheese)


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