At the vet’s 3

SEPT 17 — She writhed and stretched her limbs as I tried to put her in the bag; her body language clearly said “you can’t make me go in there.” Vanilla Bean probably figured out where she’s going that Saturday afternoon. She had an appointment for her vaccine shot at the JMC Veterinary Clinic in Lanipao, Lala, Lanao del Norte. I guess she associated the bag-leash-tricycle combo as a hint for a trip to see Dr. Jane, her friendly vet.

As our vehicle moved along the national highway, my 4 month-old Shih-Poo puppy enjoyed the scenery and the wind on her fur (she didn’t stick out her tongue though). From time to time, she fidgeted like a child and looked over Ate Liza’s shoulder to check on me and Keanna. Though other dog was shaking at my feet, she stayed put and behaved well throughout the entire trip.

Keanna relaxed when we arrived at the vet’s clinic. She stayed near me and refrained to sniff around or go near the Miniature Pinsher’s crate. [I brought Keanna along so the vet could check her left eye. Lately, I’ve noticed that Keanna’s left eye was filmy and watery. Sadly, the vet told me that it’s positive — Keanna had canine cataract. Sigh…] Meanwhile, the vet declared that Vanilla Bean showed a lot of improvements in her weight gain (3.5 kilos), her coat length, and her over-all health.


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