Meeting Doggitz the chihuahua mix/poodle mix

I was a bit sad yesterday afternoon when I heard the news. Disney, my Auntie Juliet’s top dog, died when a car ran over him just outside his home. Poor thing… he was only five years and four months old…we will surely miss him. Nevertheless, his offspring bear his legacy as a faithful, loyal, intelligent and handsome dog.

One of those pups is Doggitz, a male chihuahua mix/ poodle mix. He just turned 2 years old last September 18 (he and my nephew Kenji have the same birthday). Liza Ortiz (Doggitz’s human mum) brought him around the house to meet me and the Poodle-mix pack.. I also got to see him in his guard mode at the RCMS Canteen last September 4… Here’s a slideshow with over 30 photos of him; it’s entitled “Doggitz Out and About”…enjoy:)

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