Butchok vs. Princess, ShihPoo playfight

“He dragged me here to check on the girls,” Madeline said when she and her pet dropped by at our house last Saturday morning. “I guess I have to leave him here for a few hours. Just phone me when he whines to go… my daughter will fetch him,” she added.

So, Butchok the Shih Poo missed a few hours of work (he’s a therapy dog you know) to hang out with the Poodle-mix pack. He lost no time sniffing and lifting his leg here and there, revisiting the areas he marked a week ago…

Then he went to see the gals at their crate…and they greeted him with a series of ruff…ruff

Cassie and Keanna gave him their formal greeting when I let them all out. Then, my two pets ignored him. Princess, however, displayed her enthusiasm in his presence… She even invited Butchok for a play-fight. Here’s what happened…


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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