A pretty pooch in pink

She’s cute and she’s fully aware of it by the positive reaction of familiar faces and strangers alike. I noticed that she like the attention from people; I saw the amusement in their eyes when they gave her their second and third glances as she strutted in this pink dress on the side street outside our house. They thought it was store-bought; on the contrary, Vanilla Bean’s dress was homemade.

Here’s the 12 easy steps on how to make a simple dog dress in less than 30 minutes:

DIY Pink Dog Dress (size XS)

Materials needed:

  • old pink shirt with collar (preferably jersey fabric)
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • Velcro
  • sewing machine
  • decorative embellishment

1. Find an old pink shirt with collar and short sleeves, and lie it flat on a table.

2. Turn the shirt on the wrong side. Fold the front half in the middle; at the center fold, measure 5 inches from the hemline. At the side seams, measure 1 1/2 inches up. Connect the two points, and cut. Then, set aside. (This will be the Skirt Portion.) [NOTE: The length of the skirt may vary. I opt to make it shorter to show off my pet’s hind part.]

3. Detach the collar from the shirt (this will be the Waistband), and cut open one of the short sleeves (this will be the Top Portion).

4. The Top Portion: Fold the sleeve in the middle; measure 4 inches from its hem. From that point, mark a perpendicular angle. Then, cut off the excess fabric. [TIP: I check this piece on my pet to make sure it’s not tight on her neck.]

5. You will notice 2 curve sides; use a zigzag stitch for a clean finish on those two sides of the Top Portion.

6. Find the center of the Top Portion and the Waistband. Pin them together and sew with a small zigzag stitch.

7. Pin the Skirt Portion to the Waistband. Tuck some excess fabric as pleats at the center.

8. Sew using a zigzag stitch.

9. Attach Velcro strips at each end of the Waistband Portion and at each corner of the Top Portion.

10. You now have a dog dress.

11. Optional: Attach decorative embellishments. (I put fabric flowers and crystal studs at the Waistband.)

12. Put the dress on your dog. Hope your pet likes it:)


Blooming in blue

Vanilla Bean and I showed up at JMC Veterinary Clinic late this afternoon for her vaccination appointment. Some people who saw us might have noticed that my pet and I have something in common — both of us wore blue and denim. I might have looked nondescript in my aqua colored top and jeans while my pooch became a head-turner in her custom-made denim dress-harness with sparkly aqua tutu and matching blue hair clips. (I guess she changed her mind about dressing up because of the attention and praise she’s getting…)