Butchok and the feisty ShihPoos

Butchok: yay, i ain’t working for the rest of the week… my mamma Yen (Madeline) sez Madam Pedelina from London, will be stayin over at Auntie Dem’s house…she sez that da lady is allergic to fur and such… sheesh… i haf no fur, i haf hair… i heard derz lotsa dogs in London but i guess that lady doesn’t belong to my favorite breed –ya know, those dog-people… so as a good and polite dog, i did not argue with mamma Yen cuz i get to hang out with the feisty Poodle-mix gals at Auntie Twinkle’s house for eight hours… eating porkchop or beefsteak or veggies for lunch… romping and flirting with Princess in the garden… marking here and there… getting pats and tussles and treats… modeling a dog vest… heheh… yup… i’m goin to have fun for the rest of the week…


One thought on “Butchok and the feisty ShihPoos

Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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