The mutt with a yellow tail

I brought Vanilla Bean at the Taboa-an sa Tubod 2011; the site of the Agri-Trade fair was just a 5-minute short walk from home. While booth-hopping, we met Tasing and her daughter Inday at the ornamental plants’ exhibit. The girl giggled when she saw Vanilla Bean in a denim dog dress and in response, the little ShihPoo licked her feet. As expected, my pooch did what she does best — she amused people.

Vanilla Bean: ruff..ruff... any doggy home?

The teenager asked us to drop by at their place ( which was just a few paces away from the booths) to meet her pets Momay and Budie. So, we seized the opportunity to see them…

Momay: woof...woof... just stay where you are folks here are in a crazy mood...

Momay: this is so embarassing

I haven’t met them before but I knew that Momay (offspring of Disney and Cassie) and Budie (offspring of Disney and Keanna) were both born in our house last September 2009. When Inday called out their names, Momay and Budie barked out their reply. I guess they kept Budie on the leash to prevent him from going outside… we got a glimpse of him though. Momay, however, came out to greet us. [I kept my pet near me because I noticed that the approaching dog’s tail was up…] Then, I spotted something odd with her tail… it was yellow! (Inday explained that they colored her tail just for fun…) No wonder she looked a bit embarrassed…

Momay: woof...woof... don't take this the wrong way but they'll paint you yellow if you come in... Vanilla Bean: thanks for the warning...i'm outta here Momay: say hi to my mom, tell her miss her...

Inday explained that both dogs had a stressful week due to the week-long festival; they were not allowed to roam outside nor go out for a walk… big mama Tasing reckoned they’re safer if they stay indoors… poor pooches. After 10 minutes of chatting, we bid them farewell as we planned to see other booths and go blog hopping…

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