The fierce, the cute, and the cat

The real measure of a day’s heat is the length of a sleeping cat. — Charles J. Brady

I rarely caught a glimpse of Burtokali basking in the morning sunlight. (I gave him that name as a description of his coat color; burtokal means the color orange in Arabic.) This morning, I saw him lying on his makeshift cushion (uprooted weeds covered with a plastic sheet) near the pots of Paper Flowers. He was a bit shy but he obliged to pose still for a few seconds.

When he came into this Poodle-mix territory last May 2011, this orange/cream stray tomcat got barked, chased, and ignored by the pack — Cassie, Keanna, and Princess. Despite the presence of feisty pooches, he still picked our 2nd-floor garden as his temporary abode. This morning, however, he stayed clear as Cassie and Vanilla Bean used the area for their “dog-lessons”… Burtokali knew that the top mutt would ignore him but not the playful little pooch…


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