ruff and hiss exchange

Stray cats like to take a night’s lodging at our upper garden. It is a perfect place for felines who are just passing through because it is out-of-bounds to the resident dogs.

This morning, Vanilla Bean hears some meows.  When she investigates the source of the cries, she comes face to face with a pair of stray kitties — mother and son. She does her usual friendly overtures but the gray-coated kitten is somewhat suspicious and defensive. He emits a hissing sound every time the ShihPoo tries to get near him. During this 15-minute interaction, the mama-cat stares in silence as the two young fur-balls exchange some hisses and woofs. Here’s the video of that meeting around 8:38 a.m.:

Vanilla Bean goes inside my room after the cats vacate the upper garden. She lies in the rug as she mopes in her failure to chase the kitties… Her expression says:  I’m cute, ain’t I… so why’s that kitteh’s scared of me… and he sez he ain’t playin’ wid me.

She’ll eventually get over it… For the meantime, we’ll have fun with other pets on the Saturday Blog Hop…

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7 thoughts on “ruff and hiss exchange

  1. We also have strays that hang out here. I want to play too, but Jen says I would play too rough and they don’t know me. But sometimes them kitties aren’t afraid of me and that’s kinda nice.

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