Undas in Tubod

Here in our town, we don’t celebrate fancy Halloween. We don’t put up decorations, prepare themed-sweets, wear scary costumes, and flock from one house to another for trick-or-treat. Instead, we prepare dozens of candles, baskets of flowers, cleaning tools, white paint, and food (mostly rice-based dishes) for the Undas 2011.

You see, Filipino rural folks observe the traditional All Saint’s Day on the first 2 days of November. We prefer to make a trip to the local cemetery where we spend the holiday weeding, cleaning, whitewashing, and revisiting the tombstones of our dead relatives. Meanwhile, pets are usually left safely at home for just a couple of hours (with a dog sitter, of course.)

Despite the seemingly calm atmosphere, something or someone spooks my pets. For a week now, Cassie the mutt barks or growls more than the usual… and the rest of the pack follows suit… (this barking thing usually happen during the wee hours until noon…) Anyway, to all pets out there…keep safe and have a happy hallowoween:)

3 thoughts on “Undas in Tubod

  1. I didn’t go trick or treating either. Apparently, some people are scared by big dogs knocking on their door, which is confusing as I thought scaring people was a big part of Halloween!

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