tomb-hopping dog

NOV 2, TUBOD PUBLIC CEMETERY — It’s the second day of Undas 2011 (the Philippine tradition of honoring the dead). I and three other members of the family arrived at the local cemetery early this morning (6:20 a.m.) to visit the grave sites of my dead relatives. As we lighted some candles and put cut-flowers near the tombs, I noticed this cream-coated dog 15 paces away from us around 6:55 a.m.

I took some quick snapshots of her as she was busy scavenging for food. [You see… aside from candles and flowers, rural folks often leave a bowl of food-offering for the dead. Graveyard dogs would bide the time for the humans to clear out the tomb; then, these strays would consume the food-offering.] Anyway, I got a good look on her; the skinny and famished appearance indicated that she’s a stray dog. Also, I observed that she’s wary of people and she’s injured. Despite the limp on her right foreleg, she fully utilized her other three limbs, her eyesight and her sense of smell as she moved quickly from one tomb to another.

I looked around to see if there are other stray dogs but I guess it’s just her in this area…hmmn…she reminded me of the phrase “survival of the fittest”.

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