what i’m saying is…

Do you speak dog? If so, could you please me what Butchok the ShihPoo is saying… I could only guess what he wants such as:

  • a. ”i want my mama Lin”;
  • b. “i wanna play with Princess”;
  • c. “how ’bout some belly rub, cuddle or tussle…”;
  • d. “got some treats?”;
  • e. “let me in…”
  • f. “sheesh…Cassie is bossy…”

but… then again, I may be lost in translation…


6 thoughts on “what i’m saying is…

  1. What a cutie! I think he’s telling you quite a story, all about what his buddy said and did that day. Then at the end, he’s inviting you to come in for a longer chat. LOL How’s that for a rough translation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yep, he’s quite a chick magnet…and many gals (humans and dogs alike) like to spend time with him because he has lots of stories to tell… thanks for the translation Daisy…

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