Cassie the Mutt at 6

NOV 20 — No fancy birthday bash needed for Cassie the Mutt as she turned 6 years old today. She’s happy celebrating life knowing that she’s loved by humans and dogs alike. This morning, she got a refreshing bath; she smelled like Mentos after I used a peppermint-scent shampoo on her. Cuddle and tussle,  and meat treats came after she’s done with her sunbathing.

By early afternoon, she got to spend the time at my room. She’s in such a great mood that she didn’t mind the puppy’s presence; she even show Vanilla Bean how to get to lie in a bed without getting shooed… Furthermore, both have fun bonding and posing for the camera…


7 thoughts on “Cassie the Mutt at 6

  1. They are so cute. We’re introducing a new puppy to our 8 year old dog at the mo. It’s been 2 weeks and they’re just starting to play games together, Little Bear (8) won’t share the bed though!

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