Batman steals Di’s heart

Hi, I’m Vanilla Bean and I’m always in pursuit of double A — Attention and Affection.  For seven months, I’ve learned that I have to work hard for AA because the fickle humans found my litter-mates cuter than I am…sigh… well that was what I thought before last Saturday. When, Twinkle took me to the first doggie party I’ve been to (the Fun Match Dog Show 2011), I knew that had to step up my game on cuteness because the competition for attention was really fierce with those other pets around… Moreover I’ve observed that people mostly said cute to those pooches around 3 months old…hmmn…

Take the case of Di, my dad’s so-called human sister. She was acting okay when we arrived at that nice place venue…but her face changed when Happy and a pair of 3-month old male poodles named Batman and Potot joined us… Of course, dad Butchok and I politely greeted them and their owners, too.

Batman with his white coat and black markings on his face got Di preoccupied… I wonder what his owners were thinking but I think they should call him Zorro; it would be an apt name for him because of the mask-like markings on his face…what d’ya think? Anyway, it’s obvious to anyone who saw their bonding that it’s “luv at first sight” between Batman and Di… Here’s the evidence:

…little did she know that those two furry bundles of joy have M (mischief) on their minds… 

Meanwhile, everyone seemed curious and busy sniffing around…

ruff… I’ll never forget my first party ever… Anyway, how about you? did you enjoy your holiday party as well?…


3 thoughts on “Batman steals Di’s heart

  1. Oh Vanilla Bean, you’re just as cute as any of those other pups! We humans tend to get all mushy over tiny little fur-balls (aka puppies), but we still love our older dogs too! Great photos – lots of cuteness everywhere! 🙂

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