Loloy and Jackie, the mutts who save their owners from Iligan floods

It’s me again, Vanilla Bean… just want to let you know that I was sad when I saw what was on TV for the past days — too much water and mud and forlorn faces… Cassie said that Typhoon Sendong happened last Saturday and that many people lost their lives and there was devastation everywhere… (I was at a doggie party, ya know…so I had no idea) Keanna remarked that the aftermath was awful to watch on TV (oopps…I don’t really pay attention to that noisy box up there) and how the typhoon caused so much havoc on the Northern Mindanao cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

Despite the tragedy, there’s a lighter side on the news, too. Two mutts named Loloy and Jackie of Iligan City got to share their story on how they save their human family from the floods.  According to their human-mum Marrietta Ardiente, the dogs’ constant barking and door-scratching… (obviously warning them that something bad was about to occur) save the family from the floods. They may have lost their house but at least they were all together in an evacuation shelter…  A big ruff to the heroism of Loloy and Jackie… you did an excellent job… Moreover, you have proved that dogs are man’s best friends indeed…

the mutts that save their family from the Iligan floods

…Here’s the link of that ABS-CBN news report: Dogs save family from Iligan floods  and see how lovingly these mutts look at their human-mum as she pats them…


7 thoughts on “Loloy and Jackie, the mutts who save their owners from Iligan floods

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