lonely Christmas

December 25 — Christmas day arrived with a drizzle and a few minutes of loud fire-cracker noises… At the crack of dawn, Twinkle served us a yummy pork dish for breakfast… then she’s off to someplace without telling us bye… 😦

Cassie, Keanna, and mum-Princess chose to sulk in their crates…but not me — I’m on patrol duty. From the upper garden, I saw some interesting scenes on the streets and on the lawn… like  carolers, vehicles, and the Poinsettia (the Christmas plant)… …which I couldn’t resist to take a closer look… Also, there’s also a new pink bell-like flower in the adjacent pot which I’ve never seen before… (big mama said to leave it alone because it’s poisonous to dogs if ingested…)

…and when I looked up, there’s a rainbow hanging above our garden… Later on in the late afternoon, our overseer got home from a trip to Iligan city (ya know, that place that recently got flooded). Cassie gave her that look…and asked for a doggie massage… Though a bit tired, Twinkle obliged to Cassie’s request…

After 5 minutes, Keanna’s turn came; she tried to give Twinkle lots of licks and kisses… on the face! (by now I knew that our overseer wouldn’t accept kisses on any part of her head).  However, kiss-rejection wouldn’t deter this kisser-pooch because she often got treats (in this occasion, slices of pineapple chiffon cake and ham! yay!) which she gladly share with Cassie and me.
 …yummylicious…We had a nice Christmas after all… 😛 How about you?


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