Rizal, Maya and the white fake tree

I saw it a block away… the town’s official Christmas Tree stood there like a yummy ice cream cone covered with vanilla frosting… Perhaps, it’s the most odd tree I’ve seen in this neighborhood; it stood tall but without leaves or roots, etc…  (Cassie said that the tree was pretentious and unrealistic because we have no snow here in the tropics)… Moreover, it smelled weird when I got near its base…I really doubt if any birds ever care to perch on it…

Anyway, it’s Rizal Day [During December 30, the Philippines commemorates the death of  Jose Rizal nationwide.]… and I had several reasons for having a fun time walking around this small park. First, I noticed how the people respect their national hero; I could clearly see what Rizal looked like with the life-size statue at the center of the park…(I just couldn’t reach it for a lick…sigh…) I guess every kid in the country knew his literary works… Twinkle had a book about Rizal and his writings but she forbade me to sink my teeth and to digest its contents…

first time visit to this well-maintained place

Second, I got to run freely on the freshly mowed lawn… with a leash on, of course… I’m really behaving well in public places now, so I received treats for good behavior…yay!

inspecting the fake white tree and running on carabao grass

Third, I met a new friend. She’s a grey mutt puppy named Maya playing tag with her two little owners…aww…I wanted to sniff her but those little girls swooped her up when they saw me coming toward them… it made me think “Do I look scary?”…I think I need grooming before this year ends…

the little grey mutt puppy is so shy...


4 thoughts on “Rizal, Maya and the white fake tree

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