garden variety cute?

Hi, It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

Lately, I heard words or phrases such as: pangit or swangit (words equivalent to ugly)… ruff… not affected whatsoever because I know that I’m a cute pooch… but what I don’t get is this phrase: garden variety cute … a what?

When my overseer fiddled with that kodak thing and asked me to pose while I was on the garden table top, I gave her this look…

Then, she mentioned Rumpy’s wordless wednesday post… (yeah…you guessed it right…she’s a Rumpy fan) and how Cassie projected excellent facial expressions in photos… Baffled ย and annoyed by her ramblings, (I’m not sure what she wanted from me…), I gave her this face…

I’m not sure what to call this look/ expression yet…any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “garden variety cute?

  1. I think that’s telling her that you’re not interested in posing. PS: Those pics of me were taken over a period of time…. and not in one day! woo woo woo!

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