Cows and football

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

I’ve seen them moo-cows before…but I didn’t expect to come across them late this afternoon. They were grazing some of the freshest grass off my usual trail…nothing unusual about that… However, I just couldn’t help but notice that something was off with them… so I took a closer look. This was what I saw:

up close and personal with the moo-calf but keeping distance with 'broken horn'

…the brown calf had a hairy hide and he wasn’t shy to take a whiff at me… Meanwhile, I noticed that ‘broken horn’ cow eyed me… ooo that horn looked deadly… so I cautiously moved on… I doubt we have a famine in our area…but how come he’s soo thin that his ribs were visible from where I was standing…and so was this other cow…hmmm…life must be tough to some mammals…

sniffing with caution

After the trail, Twinkle and I dropped by at RCMS. It was late in the afternoon but the school-ground was still littered with kids… kids who were having fun…my kind of crowd… We found Kenji sitting on the grass; he was watching his big brother EJ with a group of kids kicking and chasing something round…

fun and run and ruff...that's a huge ball!

I gave Twinkle my i-want-to-play look so I could join the fun but she wouldn’t let go of my leash…sigh… oh well, I’ll just go ahead to the blog hop to see what fun other pets were into…

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13 thoughts on “Cows and football

  1. Vanilla Bean,

    You got really close to that Cow Dude – I’m very impressed!! I’ve never even seen a Cow let alone up close like you!!

    I definitely think you deserved to join in the game of football after your bravery!! 🙂

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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