Monday Mischief: hairy houdini2

Hi, Keanna here for my Monday Mischief report. It’s too juicy to keep the mischievousness pups-play in our territory all to myself. So, I would try to give you a paw-by-paw account about what happened yesterday… 😉

Anyway, you may have some heard people quoting the words from the great Indian leader named Mahatma Gandhi:

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. – (Mahatma Gandhi)

…yes?… Time and again, some humans still tend to underestimate a small dog’s will and  its capacity to destruction on the issue of confinement… I guess they needed reminders that most little dogs (with Mischief for middle names) are smart and strong, too… Some could handle confinement gracefully while others, like Vanilla Bean, turned into a Hairy Houdini in a matter of seconds…

an apologetic early morning greeting to Twinkle

Last year, Vanilla Bean staged her first “prison break” when she was around 3 months old… This year, she did it again… but with a different approach – a battering dawg style. I’m an escape artist myself but I must admit that I didn’t do what she did…

You see…Twinkle intentionally put her in the right side of the twin-crate last night to protect her from me and Cassie. (Why? Princess will tell you on Thursday…) However, with all the excitement in the air, the barking and the noise… this pet could not contain herself that she staged a sequel to her great escape.

Vanilla Bean managed to break the lower hinge of the right-crate door by using her own body as a battering dawg! (ruff…ruff… that vitamins she’s taking must be very good…) how many times she banged herself for that hinge to break? well… she’s not telling… but I guessed that a series of repeating friction using her body mass plus momentum eventually breached that door. When she heard the ‘crack’ sound, she squeezed herself out like a cat and barked “freedom” as she ran toward the porch… Thus, her “prison break 2” became history…

thanks for the forgiveness...i won't destroy the other door...for now

So, pets take heed… when you did something classified as M (mischief), DON’T ever forget to put on your sorry faces…heheh 😉  So, bye for now because I’m going to the blog hop and check on what fun the other mischief makers are into…

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17 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: hairy houdini2

  1. Hi Y’all,

    More to think about…why would you want to escape? It’s my duty to keep a watchful eye on the Humans and announce strangers arrival. I don’t understand what purpose escape serves.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • hi Hawk, glad you drop by… i have separation anxiety…it’s been an issue ever since i was a little pup ‘cuz they put the crates outside the house… the ‘prison’ i escaped from was at the end of our garden; from there i couldn’t see what’s going on around me… – Vanilla Bean

      Hi BrownDog, 3 of us gals luv to show off to our humans how clever we are to figure things out…heheh – Keanna

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