Pet Blogger Challenge 2012

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

Today, I decided to take part for the first time in the 2nd Annual Pet Blogger Challenge 2012 hosted by and Will My Dog Hate Me?

Pet Blogger Challenge Jan. 10

Here’s my answers to the 8 questions they asked :

1. When did you begin your blog?
This photo-based pet blog started last May 2011.

2. What was your original purpose for starting a blog?
My overseer Twinkle set this up mainly as a photography-based diary of my life…yep… It’s all about me -Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo- living in the land of beauty and bounty here in the Philippine countryside. She’s so curious to know about the Shih-Tzu/Poodle-mix breeds that she picked me as her subject. She even enlisted the help of the established pack – 5 humans and 3 all-female Poodle-mix pets – to keep an eye on me. (That’s eight pairs of eyeballs that observed my daily routine…)

This blog primarily answers two questions: How would Vanilla Bean behaves in the presence of people and other pets; How would Vanilla bean reacts or responds to various environment, events or circumstances… (Twinkle had lots of question marks on that big head of hers, don’t you think?)

3. Is your current purpose the same?  If so, how do you feel you’ve met your goals? 
Yep. Last time I checked, it’s still about me…heheh… 😉 So far, I’m happy that this blog sticks to its original purpose.

4. Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you? If the former, how often — and what techniques do you use to stick to it? If the latter, do you worry about… well, whatever you might worry about (e.g. losing traffic, losing momentum)?
Initially, my overseer posted photos and words when she feels like it for around 6 months… she’s not worried about traffic and stuff; she reckons that my blog is a doggie-diary…people and pets are welcome to read my life and see photos of me anytime they like… However, that changed when I took over behind the keyboard last December. I prefer to blog on schedule as I’m a routine-oriented pooch; I do most of the writing during afternoons after my walks.

5. Are you generating income from your blog? If so, how (e.g. sponsor ads, affiliate relationships, spokesperson opportunities)? If not currently, do you hope to in the future — and how?
No, my blog is personal…and I don’t expect any income from it. In the future, I hope to blog for a cause and get involve with my country’s pro-animal/pro-pet programs…how to do that? well…I’m still trying to figure it out. Presently, all I could do is to gather info while socializing with other pets and their owners at dog shows…

6. What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular (bragging is good!)?
As a whole, blogging is cool because I get to bark at other pets in the blogosphere. I luv learning and experiencing new things daily and with this blogging thing, I get lots of inspiration for my mischievous pursuits… thanks to blog hops and pet bloggers… heheh.

In my blog, I get to see my cute self in various faces/poses/settings. Plus, I really luv it when a blogger-pet barks at me and give me nice complements… 😉

7. What do you like least?
I hate technical glitches and slow internet connection during bad weather. I also hate it when Keanna messes with my blog while I’m still trying to figure out the WordPress.

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2012?
This year, I hope for more excellent dynamic photos, funny posts and friend-features (dog pals living in various places).


23 thoughts on “Pet Blogger Challenge 2012

  1. Welcome to the challenge, Vanilla Bean. It’s very nice to meet you. We totally agree that slow internet is the worst, and barking at your doggy friends is the best. We’ll look forward to seeing more pictures of your ridiculously cute self.

  2. Hi Vanilla Bean. You’re the first shihpoo I’ve ever met. That’s a mighty interesting sounding name.

    I totally understand how this is mostly a diary for your family and friends. That’s pretty much what my blog is too. Welcome to the dogblogpark! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much in taking part in the Pet Blogger’s Challenge! It was very nice to meet you. If I ever need a hefty dose of cuteness, I know where to come now!

  4. Hey! I’m belatedly stopping by from the challenge, too. It sounds like you run a busy life with daily walks and blogging afterwards – don’t think any of my guys could stay awake for that long!
    I grew up with a chow chow, and I loooove the Chow in your background. He’s pretty. 😀

  5. Hi Vanilla Bean, I found you through the pet blogger challenge. Lucky for us we haven’t experience slow internet in a while, but when we did it sure was a drag. I love your DIY Projects I might have to try the DIY Treat dispenser for my black Lab, Stetson. I don’t think any of my dogs (smallest one is 60 pounds) would fit in the DIY tote, but I’ll send it to my girlfriend who has a Yorkie that would work perfect with a tote. Best of luck in 2012!

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