Passing on the luv (Liebster Blog Award)

Daisy, the adorable Havachon (whose adventures we follow) surprised us with a Liebster blog award last December 2…yay! We luv ya Daisy and Daisy’s hu-mom…

Anyway, we googled the said award… and so far, we learned the following:  origin unknown though it’s all over the blogosphere; liebster is a German endearment word for dearest, favorite or beloved;  bloggers gave this award to new blogs that have less than 200 followers; those who received it were generally happy thanking the giver (fellow bloggers) for showin’ some luv.

These are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Bark at the giver for picking you (wags are welcome too!) and your link back is as good as hugs.

2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to spread the luv to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

Lately, we follow many dog-blogs but we have no clue about how many followers they have. So, we opt the scent-sible thing, that is, we actively sniff who’s new in the pet-blog-park this month, and we seek blogs last year without the Liebster Blog heart logo pasted at their sites… Since, the other gals are with the squeeker-pups, it took me awhile to find them… Here’s my picks:

  1. Pogo the Poodle – He’s an active pooch with the motto ‘eat, jump and play’. He lives in Ireland with his Mammy, brothers Casper and Jimmy, and cat Shelli.
  2. Klaus von Hayden – This 1-year old thoroughbred German Shepherd suffers from his dysplasia. Yet, he’s a fun-loving dog who like to play and socialize and have fun (mischief). His hu-mum chronicles his life growing-up and posts his photos, too.
  3. Spade and the jogging dogs – What’s inspiring about Spade is that he’s a three-legged athlete dog. His owner Desiree also runs jogs with pets Crenshaw, Lizzie, Spade, and Zola …and they have a cat named Samson.
  4. Ramsey the Springer Spaniel – I found him through and thought that he has an interesting tail tale. His hu-mum calls him a ‘baby dinosaur’… and she  writes what this ‘rowdy dog’ (that’s her description) did what when.  Note: the human is a first time dog-mum…
  5. Gus and Ludo – These two adorable King Charles Cavaliers are the babies of hu-mum Danni and hu-dad Ash. Both pooches are cuties…and their snapshots would tell you a lot of things of their fun life (mischief are in their blood!)…

14 thoughts on “Passing on the luv (Liebster Blog Award)

  1. Thank you for the thumbs up Vanilla Bean! Happy wagging tails all around 🙂
    I’ve not heard to the award before, but as a new blog, it’s been a lovely way to start the Monday with a blog thumbs up 🙂

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