Tsitsaron treat

Hi. It’s me Vanilla Bean.

After a sound ear bashing yesterday with a couple of nips from mum-Princess, I decided to put on my best behavior today. (And who wouldn’t when ya whiffed the smell of that oh-so-yummy dish!) They called it Tsitsaron, a popular Filipino dish with many variations – pork, beef, or chicken skin as key ingredient. It’s an appetizer usually dipped in vinegar or vinaigrette… Well, my humans had it for an afternoon snack… so I thought it’s like chips but better…


non-greasy and perfectly seasoned crackling pork (meat boiled and deep-fried for gastronomic indulgence)

I’ve pawed Twinkle several times and I even put on my please-give-me-some look… no response. grrr… When that didn’t work, I barked at her. heheh… My loud barking voice must have jolted some common sense into her head… I guessed she remembered that she needed to refrain from high-calorie food. (oh yeah, she’s on diet alright… and I reminded her of that,  am I a good doggie or what?) When she gave me a pat on my head, that signaled my victory…  😉  I thought I could taste it at last and listen to its crackling sound… arooo… How about ya, what did ya have for a tasty treat today?

me on my latest food trip


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